Cayamo 2016

One of my first big gigs as a cameraman/storyteller was working on Sixthman's music cruises. I would run around like a madman and try to capture moments from all the shows, and put together recaps of each cruise (and occasionally have a drink or two). It was a good gig to say the least.

After shooting a few cruises in 2010, I got a call to be Tim McGraw's documentarian/photographer on his upcoming tour and had to take the gig, which in turn ended my cruising days. So when I got the opportunity thru dealmaker-people-shaker-producer Mike Williams to shoot Cayamo this year, I had to jump aboard (yes I did just write that).

Thing was, I wanted to make something a little more in-depth than the classic montage-to-music recap. Something to reinforce how amazing the atmosphere is on one of these boats. Something that could give a better idea of what Cayamo really is.  

Hope you enjoy.