Wilson Local Stories-Ish Herrera

Ish Herrera is your quintessential blue collar man. Full-time welder and owner of one of the only bars in town, he's without saying, someone you'd like to have your side in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

Here's a vignette me and Kyle Rippey made about him while working with the Town of Wilson, Arkansas.

Wilson, Arkansas

Let's be honest, I never thought I'd be hanging out in Wilson, Arkansas, much less, really enjoy it. Located in Mississippi County, (in Arkansas) it's an hour above Memphis, right in the heart of the Mississippi River Delta. The sunsets, small town feel, and back-to-basics philosophy all attribute to its charm that I've come to know and love over the past year.

So, after producing a couple of mini-docs for the town, I decided to test out my copywriting skills and try something a little more closer to heart.