Pro Gamer Profile: Cloud9's LemonNation

Searching the web the other night, I came across one of the videos I got to shoot last December in San Jose. As a two man crew, me and director/editor Matt Pecinni, got to visit the home of Logitech sponsored team Cloud9 and accompany them @ an Intel's Extreme Masters Event.

And I must say: putting in a busted take as an intro is brilliant editing, Mr. Pecinni.


Made in Wilson

In November of 2014, I got the opportunity to shoot and edit a mini documentary about the revitalization of Wilson, Arkansas. I had never been to the delta before, so I jumped at the opportunity when Brian Dempsey, who I'd worked with on Tim McGraw's tour, called me with the idea. The people of the town and The Lawrence Group couldn't have been any more hospitable, not to mention the lunch @ Wilson Cafe.....

Shot with a Canon 5D mark iii and armed with my 3 Ikan LED lights, I shot, lit, and even did the audio for all the setups. 

Music purchased from Music Bed. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.