ProGamer Profile: Dyrus The Great

I love sports. I mean LOVE them. If someone played on a professional basketball, baseball, or football team in the last 20 years, I can probably tell you where they went to school, who drafted them, and how well they did throughout their career. That said, I have always hoped for the opportunity to shoot big events and meet the players firsthand.

Starting in late 2014 that happened. Except there was an "e" before the sport and they weren't very athletic. They're video game players. Before you start talking $#!+ about how video games are child's play, please remember, they're traveling the world, doing what they love to do. 

And they're making more money than you.



Pro Gamer Profile: Cloud9's LemonNation

Searching the web the other night, I came across one of the videos I got to shoot last December in San Jose. As a two man crew, me and director/editor Matt Pecinni, got to visit the home of Logitech sponsored team Cloud9 and accompany them @ an Intel's Extreme Masters Event.

And I must say: putting in a busted take as an intro is brilliant editing, Mr. Pecinni.