Red Bull Series "Screenland" premieres on Hulu and on other stuff too, April 24

Last year I got the opportunity to travel the country and segment produce, shoot, and edit this Red Bull documentary series about indie gamers and developers. Super excited to be a part of this series and work alongside the School of Humans producers (Mr. Brandon Barr and Ms. Taylor Church) and my main man, DP/Editor Kyle Rippey. 

Check out the series if you're ever on the internet and bored (how about now?). In the meantime, here's a sweet profanity laced sizzle reel that I'm going to have to explain to my grandmother at some point. 

Nerd Alert Gear List:

Acam--Sony Fs7

Bcam--Sony A7sii (i shot with this on the Ronin exclusively)

Canon CN-E glass--We stuck with 24mm,35mm,50mm, for cross shooting, and the 85mm for interviews) A 14mm is just too unnaturally wide for my tastes

Easy Rig- I could not operate the Ronin all day w/o it.  

Sound Guy-Not technically gear, but I have seen Ace Harney monitor 8 lav's at once.

and a variety of failing local light panel rentals to bounce off the ceiling or wall